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Phyllite Foundation is committed to giving voice to motivated, yet underrepresented, BIPOC communities through educational film programs and projects. We support creative projects that are not only entertaining, but address social issues through the medium of film.

Phyllite Foundation has supported educational programs such as the Red Balloon Playroom. This program gives students hands-on film experience and exposes them to professional careers that they did not know existed.

The Red Balloon Playroom is a 12-week, one-hour-per-week film boot camp that teaches middle school & high school students how to make movies. Students learn the elements of storytelling and then apply their knowledge to writing their own short film as a team. Once their script is complete, we hold auditions, do a table read and then shoot the film! On the last day of the program, we screen the film and celebrate!

Phyllis Toben Bancroft shares her experience teaching students within the LAUSD who have little-to-no experience making movies.


Phyllis T. Bancroft
Executive Director (Sole administrative personnel)

Director/Producer Phyllis Bancroft is known as a focused, calm, creative collaborator. Phyllis has directed several films, three episodes of the Emmy nominated web-series “Send Me” (Supervising director for all six) and over 25 plays. She has garnered awards at film festivals and competitions nationwide. She’s also produced twelve short films and over 32 episodes of the web series “Ernie’s Girls.”

A current member of the Actor’s Studio West’s Director’s Unit and P/D Lab, SAG-AFTRA, and an original member of the Lincoln Center Directors’ Lab, she holds an M.F.A. in Producing from the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory and a B.A. in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She had also studied theater at Circle in the Square Theater School and at the Center for Creative Youth at Wesleyan University.

Her company Phyllite Foundation, creator of The Red Balloon Playroom, is a Community Arts Partner of the LAUSD Board of Education.

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